Digital Transformation for the Built Environment

Amplify your expertise in planning and design using the Aditazz Platform

The Aditazz Design Synthesis Application

Capture your institutional knowledge.
Apply computation to save time and improve your designs.

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Digital Transformation

Aditazz unleashes productivity and strategic value in planning, design, and construction for the built environment leading to improved operating efficiency.

Our software products and technology services help our global customers complete large-scale and complex projects in less time, at lower cost, and with more efficient operations. Our proven digitization process has three steps:

01 Codify

Codify your organizational knowledge. Digitally represent physical objects with their associated rules and project specific configuration.

02 Optimize

Evaluate complex scenarios and maximize efficiency with deep computation. Dynamically re-run optimizations as and when new information is available.

03 Elevate

Deliver greater value with a continuous improvement and feedback cycle. Data generated with each optimization is used to improve the digitization process using machine intelligence.

“The power of computation and digitization is that it expands exponentially.”

Ahead of his keynote speech at the recent Building Technology Congress held in Lucerne, Switzerland, Deepak Aatresh, founder of Aditazz, gave a brief interview assessing the role digitization has to play in the construction industry.


We digitally transform planning and design for architecture, engineering and construction.

Design Synthesis Application

Create a library of design objects and rules using your domain expertise. Rapidly generate and update efficient code compliant room designs.

Offshore Wind Energy

Holistic scenario-based planning tool for offshore wind farms. Built in partnership with Atkins Energy, the global leader in wind energy planning.

Spatial Test Fit

Generate design test fits in minutes based on your program requirements and update your designs with ease.

Site Fit

Efficiently predict needs and generate designs for large scale housing and infrastructure projects. Built in partnership with Tata Trusts, one of India’s largest philanthropic organizations.

“The Aditazz approach to the design of complex industrial facilities is truly exciting and I believe will revolutionize our sector. Aditazz moves several steps beyond the database approach allowing all possible design solutions to be rapidly screened. We’ve applied the tool to offshore wind with a very good outcome.”

Dr. Martin Grant, CEO, Atkins Energy


Our experienced teams deliver mission critical services by leveraging the Aditazz Platform.

Custom App Development

We partner with you to identify areas of your business that require digital transformation and then create solutions using the Aditazz Platform.

Operational Modeling

Make informed data-driven decisions to maximize revenue through a dynamic business operational model.

“The Aditazz services and technology promise to be a more efficient and cost effective way to extend our charitable¬†resources to solving the basic need of improved health.”

Dr. Frieda Law, Shantou University Medical College, Li Ka Shing Foundation