Spatial Test Fit

Plan, design and deliver your workspace requirements quicker and at a lower cost with our innovative new tool.


Faster: From Days to Minutes

Generate spatial test fits based on your program requirements in minutes. Changes can be applied almost instantly.

Optimized Space Usage

Use the power of deep computation to generate the design that makes the best use of the space available.

More Layout Options

Get a better sense of alternatives by generating multiple design layouts that meet your requirements.

Digitally Transform Spatial Test Fit

Codify Your Requirements

Create your own or choose from a library of rooms or workspace objects. Set up your preferences for layouts.

Optimize Layouts

Place optimally based on program requirements on a specific floor plan or work space. Use deep computation.


Improve with data and machine intelligence. Link your design directly to your supply chain.

Spatial Test Fit Solutions

Landlords and Brokers

Lease space faster with the ability to generate test fits quickly and differentiate your firm with cutting edge technology.


Dramatically improve efficiency on cumbersome manual tasks and focus on value added design services.

Facility Management

Keep up with changes in employee and space requirements with ease. Optimize layouts based on available space and projections.

You can extend our products with custom applications to meet your specific needs.