Operational Modeling

Reduce cost and increase efficiency and quality of service by using our services to model your facilities.


Achieve Business Goals with your Unstructured Data

Make informed data driven decisions to maximize your Key Performance Indicators through a dynamic business operational model. With over 100,000 simulations per model, Aditazz enables a new level of business optimization.

Start Early to Save Big Later

Optimizing early with modeling yields savings of 10-30% on an overall project. Starting early can prevent mistakes during later construction changes. Savings can be up to 10x of the amount spent on modeling.

Test What-Ifs with Deep Computation

Test scenarios on your business operations in ways Excel cannot. Scenarios can include variations on staff, customers, resources, and equipment with multiple assumptions and workflows.

Featured Projects

We have operationally modeled over 5 million square feet of healthcare spaces including inpatient, outpatient and research facilities

Kaiser Permanente

Our operational models leveraged existing data to improve emergency department efficiency. This enabled the client to keep their existing footprint, while still managing an increase in annual visits from 43,000 to 82,000 patients.

King Abdullah Financial District, Saudi Arabia

We conducted business and operational analysis to introduce a healthcare delivery network into a new financial district. Publically available data sources and assumptions were used to supplement client inputs.

Download our white paper and learn more about how Aditazz helped optimize business operations in various projects including emergency departments and a university healthcare laboratory.

Digitally Transform your Projects for Improved Returns

Codify Business Operations

Model the critical workflows and assumptions to create a digital working model of your buildings.

Optimize Return and Efficiency

Based on various scenarios, predict optimal levels of resources for capital costs, equipment, staffing and more.


Improve predictions using machine intelligence. Train your system with data from estimations, projections, historical information and that generated by simulations.

Business Operation Modeling Solutions


Optimize operations plans with important ‘bottomline’ metrics such as utilization, resources, spaces, patient care processing times and costs.


Optimize leasing strategies of retail spaces by modeling flows of customers through different types of retail outlets at various points in time. Maximize occupancy and rents.


Model and optimize flows of occupants such as passengers and staff in an airport to maximize utilization of space and generate more revenues with higher passenger satisfaction.